Who We Are

The Circle-Of-Wealth (COW) is a 501(c)(6) non-profit business league. Our goal is to bring together like-minded entrepreneurs who desire to network and help one another grow their business and personal wealth.

Once a month, we meet to foster personal and business development. Topics include motivational, business and financial education presented for you to use, immediately and long term.


Who is in the Circle?

Local business owners and entrepreneurs.  Anyone who wants to build their wealth of knowledge, build a positive mental attitude, identify valuable business resources and build their professional success.   The Circle-of-Wealth is a Master Mind group based on the work of Dr. Napoleon Hill’s first book set (The Law fo Success in Sixteen Lessons), published initially in 1925 as a multi-volume correspondence course. Lesson One introduces the concept of The Master Mind, that Dr. Hill defines “as a mind that is developed through the harmonious cooperation of two or more people who ally themselves for the purpose of accomplishing any given task.”


What is Our Mission?

To coordinate like minded entrepreneurs who ally themselves for the purpose of accomplishing any given task. Our goal is to positively impact other people!


Why Join?

The Bennefits of the Circle-of-Wealth

  • Circle-of-Wealth presents numerous benefits to its members as most successful people will testify. Some of the profound benefits of our mastermind group includes but are not limited to the following.
  • Every member of the group is surrounded by like-minded people, people who share the same ambitions and desires and this eases the process of decision making.  Decisions are normally reached after a lot of brain storming and consultations have been made among the members which in the end will lead to adoption of the best and most rational ideas.
  • Besides, another benefit of having such like minded people by your side is that they can guide and support you when you feel lost.
  • Another reason why people should join our group is that we can be an avenue through which you can make connections with some of the most influential and successful people in your particular area of interest and you can also have the benefit of getting numerous resources.
  • The group can also acts as a source of inspiration to other members but you also receive accountability from the mastermind. The benefit of this is that it enables you to stay focused on the major aim which is to achieve your goals both as an individual and as a group.
  • Besides, you can as well be the beneficiary of the vast experience, confidence and skills brought on board by some of the more skilled members and of course our wonderful Guest Speakers.

Now that you know the benefits, you must be wondering how you can join. It is as simple as it could possibly get or as difficult as you will not be able to imagine. The first step is to simply join us at our monthly meeting and if you like it, keep coming!

Our meetings are currently FREE, we will at some point be moving to a nominal annual charge to pay for organizational costs as we grow.